Perform Complex 4×4 Operations – FWPFGM3215

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Prepare for Complex 4×4 Operations

  • identify and assess types of water crossings and terrain being accessed for safe operating conditions.
  • Check that 4×4 vehicle being used is appropriate to conditions and operationally effective in line with manufacturer specificat io ns.
  • Identify appropriate range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be carried for the trip conditions.
  • Establish communication with others and choose required safety mechanisms in line with organisational requirements.

Prepare 4×4 Vehicle for Water Crossing

  • Place cover securely across the front of the vehicle when required by water depth.
  • Protect electrical connectors, battery terminals and electrical components.
  • Check wheel hubs to engage/lock position.
  • Select appropriate gear for water crossing.
  • Allow vehicle to cool down before entering water


Negoiate Water Crossing

  • Assess hazards and risks associated with water crossings. 3.2 Determine safety of water crossing.
  • Establish and select entry and exit points for crossing in line with current flow and risk assessment.
  • Access water crossing to determine depth of water at intended crossing point.
  • Monitor the track continually to identify hazards and assess risks.
  • Perform water crossing by maintaining a constant bow wave

Perform Checks of Vehicle operations on Completion of water crossing

  • drain water from 4×4 vehicle back into the water crossing.
  • Dry brakes off by gentle application while moving.
  • Check engine oils for contamination.
  • Check air cleaner elements for water intrusion and assess air intake operational effectiveness.
  • Check differential and gear box oils after prolonged periods in the water.

Operate Vehicle in Rugged Terrain

  • Determine intended route prior to departure.
  • Inspect intended vehicle path prior to negotiation of rugged terrain.
  • Identify potential hazards and risks when operating vehicle in rugged terrain and ensure appropriate response can be applied
  • Inspect, position and secure vehicle load to maximise traction for 4×4 driving.
  • Set vehicle controls in line with manufacturer specifications and for operation in the rugged terrain.
  • Negotiate terrain in line with requirements for specific driving conditions.


Recover Vehicle from Loss of Traction While Ascending

Determine intended route backwards.

Use correct brake and engine techniques to reverse vehicle. 6.3 Ensure vehicle comes to a safe stop.

Perform Post Trip Tasks

Notify relevant personnel of trip completion. 7.2 Carry out maintenance on allocated vehicle.

Record and report activity in line with organisational procedures.

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    Perform Complex 4×4 Operations – FWPFGM3215
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