Recover 4wd Vehicle – FWPCOT3260

Course Contents – Recover 4wd Vehicle – FWPCOT3260

Plan 4×4 Recovery

  • Survey site to identify hazards, assess risks and select suitable strategy.
  • Select personal protective equipment appropriate to type of recovery operation.
  • Inform appropriate personnel of location.
  • Determine potential environmental impact of recovery.

Apply Safe Recovery Method

  • Establish and maintain communications with appropriate personnel during recovery operations.
  • Determine recovery method based on the terrain conditions and circumstances.
  • Consider operating variables, define danger zone and apply strategies to reduce risk and environmental impact during recovery.
  • Determine the recovery equipment required and its availability. 2.5 Set up an exclusion zone.
    Repair environmental damage where possible.

Use Vehicle Recovery Equipment

  • Identify hazards and position recovery equipment safely.
  • Use safe operating procedures while using recovery equipment.
  • Use rated recovery equipment within limitations and capabilities.

Maintain Vehicle Recovery equipment

  • Carry out maintenance on recovery equipment
  • Document equipment maintenance according to organisational procedures.

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    Recover 4wd Vehicle – FWPCOT3260
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