Q. If I see something and I’m in the middle of the tour group can I stop to take a photo?

A. Yes of course. Just advise the person traveling behind you on the UHF and tell them you have stopped to take a photo. This way they won’t have to stop and ask why you have stopped and they’ll be looking out for you. Most time they will stop also for a similar shot.

Q. If I’m injured or have a medical problem is there help available?

A. Yes, depending on the nature of the problem of course. I have a First Aid Certificate that is renewed every 2 years and a comprehensive first aid kit, but if a serious problem arises we have a satellite phone and a GPS, we can contact the nearest hospital or the Flying Doctors service, I also suggest you subscribe to the Ambulance service. We also need to know if you have a medical problem and to advise us of your problem or allergies (especially food) and medication, this information will be kept strictly confidential.

Q. I need to go to the toilet and I’m in the middle of the group travelling can I stop?

A. Of course—just advise the person traveling behind you on the UHF and tell them you have stopped, unfortunately most likely there won’t be a toilet facility available, so you’ll have to have a dash into the scrub. On the trip to the cape toilet facilities are available once or twice a day in some places.

Q. Are there toilets available where we camp at night?

A. Yes, all camp sites have toilet facilities.

Q. Are we allowed to light fires at night?

A. Yes, in most cases, although fire-wood is sometimes scarce

Q. If I break down what will happen?

A. If you follow our guidelines on the trip preparation sheet you should not have a problem, but if you do break down we have a fairly good tool kit and basic mechanical knowledge to get you going. If we can’t, we’ll tow you (or arrange a tow, at your expense) to the nearest mechanical facility for you to get your problem fixed. Unfortunately if it can’t be fixed straight away, we can’t stay with you for very long as the rest of the group will want to travel on. So you’ll have to catch up. Suggest you have RACQ/NRMA membership and Travel insurance.

Q. When are the meal times?

A. Breakfast is about 1 1/2 hours before we depart. Smoko around 10.30 am, Lunch around 1.30pm and dinner around 6.30pm.

Q. What if I get hungry in between?

A. Suggest you carry a range of snacks in your vehicle. Also carry drinking water in your vehicle and drink at least 1-2 litres per person per day.

Q. Is Alcohol allowed?

A. Most certainly, at nights sitting around the fire and at meal times, most people will have a drink or two, but you have to bring your own we do not supply it. If our tour takes into traditional lands there is a zero tolerance to alcohol.

Q. My driving experience in the 4WD is limited, will I make it?

A. Yes, I’m sure you will. I’m a 4WD accredited driving instructor, and I’m there to help you through any difficult sections, although the end responsibility lies with you and your driving habits, so I strongly suggest you have a Low range driving course prior to travel. This course will give you the confidence and the ability to handle most situations you will ever come across, and it’s an investment in your future safety.

Q. Will my mobile phone work?

A. No, there is no reception in the outback only in major towns, a lot of smaller towns now have CDMA coverage, but you wouldn’t want to rely on it.