Simpson Desert Expedition

Simpson Desert Tagalong Tour
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Simpson Desert Tagalong Tour

The Simpson Desert has been for many years a destination for the more adventurous four wheel drive travellers as it offers many challenges that, if not more difficult, certainly are more interesting than the drives on local tracks. The Simpson, as it has become known, offers two major routes that are available to those who traverse the desert and each is unique in its own way.

The Rig Road was constructed by flattening the sand ridges, levelling out the dunes or hills, then capping the track with clay to form a road that allowed the oil rigs to cross ridges far more easily than on French Line. Clay capped tracks still exist and are plentiful in numbers allowing travellers to explore the area while on relatively good roads.

The French Line is the more direct route from Birdsville to the western side of The Simpson where it delivers travellers to Dalhousie Springs or on to Mt. Dare Station. This is the sand ridge Mecca of Australia with many hundreds of sand dunes to be crossed. This is an isolated area where no facilities are available so visitors need to be self-sufficient and need to be travelling in reliable vehicles.

This is known to very well to Global 4WD as we’ve been visiting the Simpson Desert as far back as 15 years ago. We have run countless tours into most areas of this fascinating country not only across these two major tracks but also into areas seldom visited by other travellers. Proper preparation is essential to a successful expedition with breakdowns being almost non-existent if your vehicle is thoroughly inspected and prepared prior to departure.

The Simpson Desert is one of the great Deserts of the Southern Hemisphere. Although a very remote dry area, there are times when the vegetation gets a little moisture and regenerates. We have chosen July to cross the Simpson Desert just after the winter rains when we hope to see the prodigious regrowth that brings this remarkable area to life for just a short time.

As well as the unique vegetation we will see many species of native wild life and, possibly feral camels that echo the early exploration and pioneering of central Australia.

We hope you will enjoy this expedition as much as we have in the past and that you will come away with the sense of awe and respect that we feel for this area and its early explorers and pioneers.

Simpson Desert 4WD Tour

Getting Prepared

A pre expedition meeting will be held approximately one month before departure where we discuss meals, vehicle preparation, fuel requirements, distances travelled each day, water needed, tyres and particularly vehicle suspension.

All other topics related to this expedition will also be discussed during this meeting to ensure that we have a truly memorable trip that should see us wanting to return in the years to come.

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Tour Prices Include

Our tag along tours provide a safe, enjoyable and economical way to travel to some of the most remote areas of Australia.

The basic arrangement is simple. You drive your own vehicle and provide your own camping equipment. We look after everything else.

The tours are fully catered so you don’t have the daily hassle of setting up, cooking, cleaning up and washing the dishes then packing away the stove, plates, pots and pans etc.

This also not only gives every member of your group a holiday as well but it reduces the amount of gear and weight your vehicle needs to carry.

  • Meals (except as noted)
  • Camping fees
  • Permit fees
  • Ferry fares
  • Local tours as detailed

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